Sarah E Goode Interesting Facts

Sarah Elizabeth Goode (July 26, 1855 – March 14, 1935) was an American inventor and businesswoman. She was the first African American woman to receive a United States patent, for a design of a folding cabinet bed.

Sarah Elizabeth Goode was born in Shelby County, Kentucky, on July 26, 1855. Her father, Moses Goode, was a slave, and her mother, Nancy, was a free woman. Goode was one of ten children.

In 1885, Goode patented a design for a folding cabinet bed, which could be used as a desk or storage cabinet. She was the first African American woman to receive a United States patent.

Goode opened a furniture store in Chicago, Illinois, in 1887. She was the first African American woman to own a business in the city.

Goode retired in 1930 and died in Chicago on March 14, 1935. She was buried in Lincoln Cemetery.

Goode’s legacy is celebrated each year on July 26, which is designated as Sarah Elizabeth Goode Day.

What are three important facts about Sarah E. Goode?

Sarah E. Goode (1855-1934) was the first African American woman to receive a patent in the United States.

Sarah E. Goode was born on July 17, 1855, in Xenia, Illinois.

Sarah E. Goode was the first African American woman to receive a patent in the United States. On July 14, 1885, she was awarded Patent No. 326,362 for her invention of the folding cabinet bed, which could be used as a chair, bed, or desk.

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Goode’s invention was ahead of its time and helped to improve the quality of life for African Americans, who often faced discrimination and poverty. She is a role model for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs everywhere.

What is significant about Sarah Goode?

Sarah Goode was born in 1847 in Massachusetts. She was an entrepreneur and inventor who developed a cabinet company that became the first African American business to be listed on the stock exchange.

Goode was born in a time when it was very difficult for African Americans to achieve success in business. Despite the challenges, she was able to create a successful company that employed many people. She was also an inventor, and developed a number of innovative products.

Goode’s accomplishments are significant because they show that African Americans can be successful business owners and inventors. Her story is an inspiration to others who want to achieve great things.

Did Sarah E. Goode have kids?

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether Sarah E. Goode had kids. Some sources say she did not have any children, while others claim that she had at least one daughter. More research is needed to determine the truth.

How many kids did Sarah E. Goode have?

Sarah E. Goode was born in 1855 in Maryland. She was an African American inventor and businesswoman. Goode is best known for her invention of the first practical desk in 1885.

Goode had at least two children. Her son, George, became a doctor. Her daughter, Alberta, became a teacher.

Who invented fold out bed?

Some people might say that fold out beds were invented by ancient Egyptians who would create sleeping areas by folding down the sides of their tents. However, the first documented fold out bed was designed by Thomas Jefferson in the 18th century.

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Jefferson was a prolific inventor who came up with a number of different devices, including a fold out bed that could be used in both his home and office. His design was simple but effective – a wooden frame with a mattress that could be folded out to create a bed.

Jefferson’s fold out bed was not widely adopted at the time, but it did pave the way for later designs. In the early 20th century, fold out beds became more popular as people started to travel more. They were a convenient way to sleep in a small space, and they could be folded away when not in use.

Fold out beds are still popular today, and they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some are designed for camping and travel, while others are designed for use in small apartments and homes. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be a fold out bed that fits your needs.

Who invented the curtain rod?

Who invented the curtain rod is a question that has been asked by many people over the years. There is no one definitive answer to this question, as different people have claimed to have invented the curtain rod at different times. However, the curtain rod is believed to have originated in ancient Rome, where it was used to hang curtains in front of doorways and windows.

Who invented iron board?

There are several contenders for the title of inventor of the ironing board. One of the earliest is James Harvey, who filed a patent for a board with a hinged cover in 1858. However, the first ironing board is thought to have been created in 1892 by William Kent, an American inventor. Kent’s design was a simple wooden board with a metal sheet on top, which could be heated up over a fire.

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