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If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, then you’ll love the Taylor Swift Facts Tumblr blog. This blog is dedicated to sharing interesting and little-known facts about the country-turned-pop singer.

Some of the facts that you’ll find on the blog include:

– Taylor Swift was born in December 1989.

– She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania.

– Her parents are Andrea and Scott Swift.

– She has one younger brother named Austin.

– She started singing at a young age, and taught herself how to play the guitar.

– Her first album was released in 2006.

– She has won numerous awards, including 10 Grammy Awards.

The Taylor Swift Facts Tumblr blog is a great place to learn more about your favorite singer. It’s updated daily with new and interesting facts, so be sure to check it out often!

Why did Taylor stop using Tumblr?

In 2013, Taylor Swift was one of the most popular users on Tumblr. She had more than 25 million followers on the platform and was frequently sharing photos, quotes, and thoughts on her life. However, in late 2013, Swift stopped using Tumblr and has not returned since. So why did Taylor Swift stop using Tumblr?

There are a few possible reasons for why Swift stopped using Tumblr. One possibility is that she simply grew tired of the platform and wanted to move on to something new. Another possibility is that she was unhappy with the way Tumblr was being used by her fans. Specifically, she may have been concerned about the amount of piracy that was going on on the platform, with users sharing her music and other copyrighted content without her permission.

Ultimately, it’s hard to know for sure why Taylor Swift stopped using Tumblr. However, it’s clear that the platform wasn’t a good fit for her and she ultimately decided to move on.

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Does Taylor Swift still use Tumblr?

Since its inception in 2007, Tumblr has been a popular platform for users to share text, photos, and videos. It has also been a popular platform for artists, including Taylor Swift, to share their work.

Swift has used Tumblr since at least 2009, and her Tumblr page has been used to share information about her music, tours, and other work. However, it is not clear whether or not Swift is still using Tumblr as of 2019.

There have been no recent posts on Swift’s official Tumblr page, and the last time she used the platform was in October 2018, when she shared a post about the release of her album “Reputation.” Her official website does not list Tumblr as one of the platforms she uses to share her work.

However, there are several unofficial Taylor Swift Tumblrs that are still active, and these pages are regularly used to share updates about Swift’s work and life. It is likely that Swift is still using Tumblr to some extent, but it is not clear how active she is on the platform.

Why does Taylor Swift have 13 on her hand in Valentine’s Day?

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a big fan of numerology. She even named her album “Lover” after the numerology value of her name. So it’s no surprise that she would choose to have 13 diamonds on her hand in Valentine’s Day.

The number 13 is considered a lucky number in many cultures. It’s a number that is associated with change and new beginnings. It’s also a number that is associated with protection. So by wearing 13 diamonds on her hand, Swift is sending a message to her fans that she is blessed and protected.

Swift has worn 13 diamonds on her hand in other important events in her life as well. For example, she wore 13 diamonds on her hand when she won her first Grammy Award. She also wore 13 diamonds when she was named the 2019 Person of the Year by TIME Magazine.

So why does Taylor Swift have 13 on her hand in Valentine’s Day? It’s because she believes that the number 13 is a symbol of good luck and protection.

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What is Taylor Swift’s hobby?

In addition to being one of the most successful singers in the world, Taylor Swift is also an accomplished hobbyist. Over the years, she has enjoyed a wide variety of hobbies, from horseback riding to knitting. In recent years, her favorite hobby has been gardening.

Swift has spoken about her love of gardening on a number of occasions. In a 2016 interview with Vogue, she said, “I really enjoy spending time out in the garden. It’s very zen. I find it really calming.” She also enjoys using her garden to grow fresh produce for her family. “I’ve been growing a lot of vegetables this year,” she said in the same interview. “I have a big garden, and I’ve been canning and freezing everything.”

Swift’s gardening hobby is not just a personal passion; she has also used it to help others. In 2015, she launched the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The center is dedicated to teaching children about the history of country music, and it features a garden designed by Swift.

Overall, Swift is a passionate hobbyist with a wide variety of interests. She has enjoyed success in all of her pursuits, and it is clear that she takes pleasure in her hobbies. Whether she is gardening, singing, or riding horses, Swift always puts her heart into it.

How many fans did Taylor Swift have?

As of June 2017, Taylor Swift has 83.3 million followers on Instagram, 103 million followers on Twitter, and 106 million likes on Facebook.

This makes her the most popular musician on social media. She also has the second most popular Instagram account, behind only Selena Gomez.

Swift’s popularity on social media has helped her sell millions of records and tickets to her concerts. She has also won numerous awards, including 10 Grammy Awards.

When did Taylor Swift get Tumblr?

In March 2013, Taylor Swift joined the blogging and social networking platform Tumblr. She created her account on the same day that her album “Red” was released.

Swift has been very active on Tumblr, posting about a new song or album release, tour dates, and photos from her life. She has also interacted with her fans on the platform, replying to comments and reblogging fan posts.

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Tumblr has been a great way for Swift to connect with her fans and share her music and personal life with them. Her account has over 45 million followers.

How does Taylor Swift connect with her fans?

There’s no question that Taylor Swift connects with her fans. She regularly interacts with them on social media, and she’s been known to go out of her way to meet them and thank them for their support. But how does she do it? What is it about her that makes her so relatable to her fans?

One of the things that sets Swift apart is her use of tone of voice. She’s able to communicate with her fans in a way that makes them feel like she’s talking directly to them. For example, in a post on Instagram, she might say something like, “I’m so excited for my show tonight! I hope you’re all coming!” This kind of language makes it feel like she’s a friend, rather than a celebrity.

Swift also frequently uses humor in her posts, which helps to connect with her fans. For example, she might make a joke about one of her latest songs, or she might post a funny meme. This type of humor helps to make her seem more relatable, and it encourages her fans to interact with her.

Finally, Swift is known for being very interactive with her fans. For example, she often takes questions from her fans on social media, and she’s often willing to meet them in person. This type of interaction helps to create a strong connection between her and her fans.

Overall, Swift is able to connect with her fans because she uses a combination of tone of voice, humor, and interaction. By doing this, she makes her fans feel like she’s a friend, and she encourages them to interact with her. This strong connection helps to build loyalty among her fans, and it’s one of the things that makes her so successful.

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